Lenticular - Debut Studio Full-Length

 Having never released a full length studio album, I set out to do so in 2018 - a New Year's resolution if you will.  In December 2017, at the end of a very emotionally and trying year, I sat down with an acoustic guitar and wrote a handful of songs reflecting much of what transpired.  Those songs eventually became the bulk of 'Lenticular'.

'Lenticular' simply means 'of or relating to a lens'.  That word encapsulated my general feeling about the energy of the tunes.  Alas, the title stuck!

Released October 30th, 2018 digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Music and Amazon.  CD's and cassettes along with album artwork available at shows.

 Contributors - Musicians 

Casey Meehan - guitars, vocals, bass, Wurlitzer Organ

Jackie Fay - Cello 

Ben Hawkes - drums, percussion 

Brennan Stoelb - Hammond Organ

Kate Dinsmore - vocals 

Contributors - Production 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Simmons at Pacific Studios, Tacoma, WA

Produced by Casey Meehan and Mark Simmons 


Casey at the Bat EP - Live Recording 

On August 17, 2012 a few friends and I recorded a live 5-track EP.  We rehearsed once two days before and went in and cut everything together in the same room at the same time, rather than layering track-by-track in the more traditional production sense.  I wanted to capture the raw energy and nuances of songs with minimal technological interference. We took 2-3 takes per track and chose the best performances, respectively.  It was a blistering humid 95 degree evening and we couldn't run the fans and A/C in the studio for the fear that the sound of the machines working would be picked up on the mics.  At least we had cold beer!  This acoustic project was a significant departure from the music I was making at the time with my band(s).  It was a little passion project that I kept for myself and never released or promoted, until now.  I didn't know it at the time, but the Casey at the Bat EP set the table for pushing me out of my comfort zone and laying the foundation for my musical pursuits as a solo artist.

Contributors - Musicians

Casey Meehan - words, music, guitar, vox

Jackie Fay - Cello, vox

Robby Thompson - cajon, vox, percussion

Blake Williams - stomps, claps, vox

Contributors - Production

Recorded, mixed and produced by Blake Williams